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Opal S.Y. International is a leading company specializing in marketing and production of branded, private label, or control label for the retail food industry. The company was established in 1996 through a partnership between Joe Spronz (Food Technologist) and Isaac Cole (Advocate).  We pride ourselves on a complete service to our clients, allowing for a singular business transaction to bring our products directly from the farm to the retail shelf.

Opal’s manufacturing and marketing capabilities allow for flexible and creative sales, utilizing newly constructed or renovated manufacturing facilities in Turkey, China, Spain, Israel and Central Europe.  We purchase and produce various food and beverage products from over 10 countries. 

In order to service the increasing demand for Opal’s products in the North American market, the company has sales offices in the United States. In addition, We maintain a substantial inventory of our products at warehouses on both the East and West coasts. 

Opal currently sells various brands and private labels to over 100 retailers in the US, Israel, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Korea, and other countries.   Our vast experience in the international food market, both as manufacturers and as distributors, enables us to offer exceptional price and quality as well as direct, on-time delivery.  


Opal’s imported foods from the sunny shores of the Mediterranean Sea gives you cost effective products produced with the strictest standards of quality control.  In the growing markets of the 21st century, international gourmet foods are becoming a staple.  Opal has the experience and business structure to provide complete cost savings, service and product quality demanded of our retailers as well as our loyal consumers. 

Try out our amazing variety of products; the best choice for your import gourmet program!

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