Opal Imports

Opal S.Y. International imports a wide range of products to the local Israeli market and specializes in the strictly kosher requirements of its clients.  Opal is the exclusive distributor of modern HAACP and BRC qualified manufacturing facilities in China, Egypt, Belgium, Eastern Europe, Spain, Ecuador, and Turkey.  The import activity consists of over 3,000 tons of IQF Vegetables and 2,000 tons of IQF Fruits per year, and 2,500 tons of fruit concentrates.  Opal is distributing its products to 2 main sectors, the industrial market and retail chains.  Opal specializes in importing kosher food products produced under the strictest Rabbinical supervision.  Opal manages special projects for its clients that require high kosher supervision for products such as broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, and grape juice concentrate.   This process includes accompanying the Rabbis from the seeding and planting stage until harvesting and packaging.  

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