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Our Company, Opal has been in business for over 25 years and we are a leading import company specializing in the marketing and production of branded, private label, and control label for the retail food industry and industrial market.

Opal is the largest importer in Israel of IQF and Frozen Fruits and Vegetables.  We currently import over 10,000 tons of both fruit and vegetables from more than 25 countries.

Our suppliers are our strategic partners with whom we build long term and mutually successful business relationships.

Additional divisions of our company include the following;
HORECA -Sales of food and ingredients packed in bulk packaging to hotels, restaurants, coffee houses and industrial food companies.
FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer goods) Products are imported; based on existing products in this market, and sold to all major supermarket chains. Products include cleaning products, pharma, food, beverages and alcohol.
Export Division: We export drop shipments from producers in Europe, South America, Middle East, Turkey and China to our customers located in The United States and Europe.

Our company, is considered to be one of the strongest importers in Israel, touching on every aspect and reaching all distribution points for direct consumer consumption.

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