Pomegranate Juices

Opal's Pomegranate Juices are 100% all natural made out of prime Pomegranate fruit from the valleys of South- Eastern Turkey.


Pomegranate has been acclaimed for its health benefits, in particular, for its disease-fighting high levels of antioxidants (higher than red wine and green tea), which help neutralize free radicals that may damage cells.


The fruits are only picked when ripe, no green fruits, and only the best hand-selected is used for our juice. The Pomegranate Juice collection comes in an array of flavors; Indulge yourself with the passionate deep red Pomegranate Cherry, surrender to the rich sweet taste of Pomegranate Blueberry, be swept off your feet with the heavenly taste of Pomegranate Raspberry and finally dazzle your taste buds with our exotic dark-red Pomegranate Cranberry served ice cold!

Pomegranate Cherry Juice
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